Patricia Fili-KrushelWelcome to the Center for Talent Innovation’s 2019 Summit. We are thrilled you are here. This event is the highlight of our year because it draws together the extraordinary power and talent of our Task Force community, all in in one place.

Our new Mission

Through insightful research and powerful convenings, we inspire and equip leaders to design diverse, inclusive workplaces where every person belongs.

I hope you have a wonderful experience connecting with peers, exchanging ideas, and learning from some of the greatest diversity and inclusion thinkers and doers. We have designed this event to inform and inspire you with research and big ideas; and to deliver actionable practices and solutions you can take back to your organization tomorrow.

This year, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of CTI and the founding of the Task Force. We have produced more than forty pioneering research studies of unique depth and breadth. We have brought to light employee experiences across lines of race, gender, ethnicity, geography, sexual identity, generation, and disability status. We have rigorously quantified the business case for diversity and inclusion. We have helped companies to implement best practices around the globe. Our work is regularly featured in major business media, extending our impact even further. We couldn’t have done this without you.

And yet, it is not enough. We must do more. As nationalism rises worldwide, many governments and lawmakers are assaulting civil and human rights and, in some cases, moving backward. The business sector offers us a path forward. In sharp contrast to what is happening in government, leaders of our largest corporations are now speaking out about inclusion, purpose, and social impact in ways we have not heard before. Now, more than ever, CTI and the Task Force must drive positive and lasting change.

For our 15th anniversary, we have a new streamlined mission statement to guide us ahead. CTI exists to “inspire and equip leaders to design diverse, inclusive workplaces where every person belongs.” These words give us new focus and clarity, but our passion and drive are as strong as ever. We look forward to our continued partnership and helping you create inclusive workplaces, stronger businesses, and a better world.

Thank you for all the work that you do. Thank you for your partnership in our Task Force and for bringing your talent, experience, and vision to the CTI 2019 Summit.


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Pat Fili-Krushel
Chief Executive Officer


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