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The Sponsor Dividend

Cover ArtFor nearly a decade, the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) has solidified its thought leadership around sponsorship that results in a critical alliance that boosts careers. Since CTI’s The Sponsor Effect: Breaking Through the Last Glass Ceiling, our data confirms that effective sponsorship has an invaluable impact on the engagement, retention, and advancement of diverse talent. But we had yet to enumerate the rich rewards sponsorship confers on the sponsor. This research fills this gap, flipping the perspective from protégé to sponsor.

Through both hard data and in-depth interviews with sponsor/protégé pairs, the study, Sponsor Dividend, showcases the vantage point of the sponsor, and explores the common stumbling blocks on the path to effective sponsorship. Finally, the study shows how employers can help sponsorship flourish, and maps a maturity curve of corporate sponsorship programs, from the initial stages to the ultimate embedding of sponsorship into corporate culture.

(1/8/2019, Report - 53 pages)


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