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Women Want Five Things

Cover ArtThis report examines the flywheels of women's fierce ambition: What drives them, what inspires them to remain fully engaged and on track for leadership roles. We find that across the U.S., U.K., and Germany, well-qualified women have a five-point value proposition. They want the ability to flourish, excel, reach for meaning and purpose, be empowered and empower others, and earn well.

Women start their careers hungry to attain a powerful job, but lose their appetite as they age. Even for women without children, and those who are breadwinners, power loses its luster for the 35-to-50 age group. Women do not aspire for a powerful position because they perceive the burdens of leadership outweighing the benefits.  Yet power, our data reveals, is what allows women to fulfill their five-point value proposition than women without power in their current roles expect. The report explores women's misunderstanding of power and the benefits it can bring. (12/9/2014, Report - 64 pages)


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Women Want Five Things


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