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The Power of "Out"2.0: LGBT in the Workplace

Cover ArtCorporations and individuals are increasingly embracing LGBT status as an emerging career asset. Yet, despite advances in workplace acceptance, 41 percent of American lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workers remain closeted at the office. Given the increased productivity and lower turnover rates of “out” workers, multinational organizations have a bottomline incentive to create a workplace where LGBT workers feel accepted,valued and comfortable being who they are.This latest CTI research quantifies the benefits of a truly inclusive workplace to both employers and employees. Being open about their sexual orientation or gender identity gives LGBT professionals access to unique business opportunities and platforms on which to exercise their leadership. In addition, out employees are better able to gain the attention and advocacy from their superiors and leverage their LGBT status internally to obtain sponsorship. Those with sponsorship have a significantly higher rate of work satisfaction and are less likely to feel stalled in their career. Finally, being out magnifies the visibility of LGBT professionals to clients and consumers specifically seeking the outlook and expertise of a company that values diversity. (2/1/2013, Report - 47 pages)


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