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Sponsor Effect 2.0: Road Maps for Sponsors and Protégés

Cover Art Sponsorship can be a game changer. Our research (The Sponsor Effect, Harvard Business Review Research Report, December 2010) shows that men and women who have powerful advocates tend to get the stretch assignments and ask for the raises that translate into career mobility. Sponsors lever qualified women and people of color out of the marzipan layer into top leadership roles, while protégés confer on their advocates a host of benefits, extending their capacity to deliver and burnishing their brand in the C-suite. To win sponsorship, however, one must know how the game is played. Synthesizing our key learnings from four surveys, dozens of focus groups, and scores of interviews, Sponsorship 2.0 comprises two “road maps,” one for the junior party intent on cultivating advocacy, the other for the leader who recognizes he/she will need a powerful posse to fulfill his/her own mission and vision. (11/1/2012, Report - 84 pages)




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