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The Battle for Female Talent in Emerging Markets

Cover Art With rolling debt crises blasting Western economies already weakened by the recession, hopes are resting on the BRICs—the emerging market dynamos of Brazil, Russia, India and China—to power countries and corporations back to growth. Keeping those engines humming is increasingly dependent on women. In the BRICs (which have accounted for 45% of global growth since 2007), female earnings are growing twice as fast as male earnings and women now control two-thirds of consumer spending. Most significantly, the majority of tertiary degrees in these countries now go to women. From Shanghai to Sao Paolo highly qualified, ambitious women are pouring into the labor market bringing urgency to the challenge of managing diversity. An important component of this study is an exploration of best practice in the private sector—12 cutting-edge initiatives that leverage the newly-rich pool of female talent. (5/1/2010, Harvard Business Review Article - 4 pages)