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The Battle for Female Talent in China

Cover Art Just as China is feeling the talent squeeze of rapid growth, Chinese women are emerging as a deeply qualified and ambitious talent pool, rivaling not only Chinese men but also their US counterparts. The study reveals the extent to which Chinese women are surpassing their peers, but also how they’re impacted by cultural traditions and demographic trends that are quite different from their female counterparts in other nations. They have a solid foothold in the high-echelon talent pool; they are enormously ambitious and passionate about their work; and they are playing an ever-larger role in the economic progress of their countries. Yet little attention has been paid to understanding this talent pool that is undoubtedly essential to the success of any player in the Chinese economy. An important component of this study is an exploration of best practice in the private sector—cutting-edge initiatives that leverage the newly-rich pool of female talent. (3/1/2010, Report - 70 pages, Key findings also available in Chinese)




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