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Global Multicultural Executives and the Talent Pipeline

Cover Art In recent months violence and turmoil in different parts of the world-from race riots in France's ethnic ghettos to protests after the publication of cartoons of Muhammad, to American outrage at botched relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina that left mostly black victims to fend for themselves-have highlighted the ongoing challenge posed by difference and discrimination. These events capture not only the impact of prejudice, but also the need to look closely at what is going on in the labor force and talent pool- where lack of opportunity is felt by non-whites and women from the very bottom on up to the very top rungs of power. The data showcased in this study describe an enormous opportunity: multicultural executives rich in human and cultural capital. But they also describe serious challenges: how to realize this new stream of talent with its enormous leadership potential. This is a wake up call for global corporations. (4/1/2006, Report - 20 pages)




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