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Leadership in Your Midst: Tapping the Hidden Strengths of Minority Executives

Cover Art Minority professionals often hold leadership roles outside work, serving as pillars of their communities and churches and doing more than their share of mentoring. It’s time their employers took notice of these invisible lives and saw them as sources of strength. Our new research underscores that the lives of minority professionals are rich with experience that goes unleveraged by their employers. But they also reveal a startling fact: These lives remain invisible largely by choice. For many reasons, minority professionals are reluctant to speak of their outside pursuits and accomplishments to colleagues and managers. We are left with a dual challenge: Companies can’t leverage what they don’t see – and they can’t see what is purposely concealed. Case studies reveal innovative solution sets. (Harvard Business Review, November 2005) (11/1/2005, Harvard Business Review Article - 9 pages)