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Latinos at Work: Unleashing the Power of Culture

Cover ArtThe Latino market is huge and growing with Latino buying power estimated to reach $1.7 trillion within the next 4 years. Multinational companies based in the US are desperate to unlock this growth market. The key? More insight from those who represent it. Yet, CTI study Latinos at Work: Unleashing the Power of Culture, finds that Latino professionals are checking their heritage at the door.  The vast majority of Latinos repress certain aspects of their personas in the workplace and those who expend a great deal of energy doing so are also more likely to feel they are being promoted quickly. The study makes clear that individuals as well as companies pay a price when Latinos cannot bring their full selves to work. In other words, repression has implications on the bottom-line. The study outlines the problem and the potential market loss and highlights what companies can do to leverage and support Latino talent. , Report - 50 pages)



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