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we explore the challenges posed by difference – by gender, generation, culture, and sexual orientation


The Center for Talent Innovation is a thought leader in the talent management space, driving ground-breaking research to help reshape the way businesses think about and manage their human capital. The research uncovers the challenges of and opportunities for today's global talent pool - spanning across the divides of generation, gender, geography and culture. Below is a list of forthcoming projects from CTI and the Task Force for Talent Innovation. Please contact if your organization is interested in getting involved in any of the below projects.

    Target Publication Date


Latinos in the U.S

Publication Target: Sept. 2016

This project will fill an important gap in talent strategies addressing the Hispanic population in the U.S. Few studies call attention to their cultural experience which makes them invaluable as inclusive leaders and as contributors to teams tasked with expanding or creating new markets. The study will highlight what Hispanics bring to the table and unpack the pushes and pulls keeping them on the periphery of the executive suite.
Sponsors to date: American Express, Bank of America, BP, Chubb, Freddie Mac, MetLife, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo

Race at Work

Publication Target: June 2017

CTI proposes to map how race at work impacts the engagement and retention of people of color, particularly black Americans; whether a lack of communication both between and among management and employees affects trust, commitment, and team dynamics; and whether a failure to speak out against discrimination outside the workplace undermines business success on talent, consumer, and innovation fronts

Disrupting Bias, Uncovering Value

Publication Target: Fall 2017

With this report, CTI aims to move Unconscious Bias programs beyond awareness-raising, and to understand and develop tools to counter unconscious bias at those moments when it creates the largest obstacles to selecting the best talent, ideas, and market opportunities.
Sponsors to date: AB, Bank of America, Bloomberg LP, BP, Cardinal Health, Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young LLP, Freddie Mac, GlaxoSmithKline, Interpublic Group, Intuit, Johnson & Johnson, Ogilvy & Mather, Sodexo, Swiss Re

Employees with Disabilities: Maximizing the Potential of the Largest Minority

Publication Target: Spring/Summer 2018

Americans with disabilities comprise the largest minority in the US—and a talent pool that is nearly twenty million strong. CTI intends to help companies solve for the challenges—and make the most of this talent cohort—by developing a better understanding of employees with disabilities: their issues, but also the unique insights they bring as team players and the inclusive behaviors they may bring as leaders. Some categories of mental health and the differently abled will also be included.
Sponsors to date: Bloomberg, Prudential, Wells Fargo

Lifting up Women and Girls in the Digital Economy

Publication Target: Winter 2018

This study will help us better understand the talent challenges as well as market opportunities for tech companies and media providers seeking to capitalize on the power of power and potential of female technologists. We intend to map what happens to women's ideas and insights across the value chain, what impedes women's progress as they navigate toward leadership roles, and pinpoint where, how, and why companies are losing out on the problem-solving powers of women across the divides of race. We will focus on African Americans and Hispanics as well as white women.
Sponsors to date: GE Foundation, Genpact, Intel

Faith, Race, and Other Intersectionalities

Publication Target: Fall 2018

Faith and race (or ethnicity) are often conflated, whether wrongly or rightly—and this is both a point of pain and a point of opportunity in the workplace. Stereotypes around religion can further pigeonhole and limit women and employees of color in the workplace. Greater inclusion of faith traditions could open doors for those same employees, allowing them to bring their full identities to work.

Sponsors to date: Bank of America; BP; Ernst & Young LLP

In Transition: Securing the Safety of Trans* Employees


CTI proposes research focusing on the unique challenges and opportunities confronting trans* employees and their employers in three key markets: the US, the UK, and Germany.
Sponsors to date: Bloomberg

Off-Ramps, On-Ramps and Agile Careers

For ten years CTI has been the go-to research organization in the Off-Ramp/On -Ramp space. We now intend collecting a new tranche of data in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, and India to both refresh and deepen our work, taking on men as well as women, and tackling the entire career journey.

Pathways to Purpose

Across geography, minorities and millennials seek to align their careers with passion and purpose.  Much more so than their white, male bosses, want their jobs to be infused with meaning and mission. This study will unpack what these non-financial rewards look like, and how they hit the bottom line.